per pack / Pack Size: 100 Pieces

Pack Size Price / Per Pack(s) Discount
5 Pack + $49.99
10+ $35.10
20+ $33.99
30+ $32.89
5% OFF
8% OFF
11% OFF
Pack Size:
100 Piece(s) / Pack

Minimum Qty:
5 Pack

/ Pack
/ Pack

Product Features:

  • high-quality twin-blade razor and shaving cream
  • Foamy shaving cream
  • Sophisticated razor design


So, you want to provide your guests with the light and fun shaving experience with a shaving kit? Well, we may have the best answer. Buy Hotel Linen is bringing for you useful shaving kits containing twin-blade razor with fantastic design and engaging blue colour.

While the shaving cream is exceptionally foamy and with the ability to soften skin hair in moments. The razor is friendly to skin while its body has a grip to be handled firmly. Buy Hotel Linen holds a prominent position in the hotel bathroom amenities suppliers mainly because it serves better and gives the best, unquestionably.

Additional information

Weight 36 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 17 × 13 in


Regular Quality Pack Size
Shaving Kit (Razor + Shaving Cream) 500 Pieces


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