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Why hotel bed sheets are always white

Why hotel bed sheets are always white

You may have wondered at some point that why all hotels have white bedsheets? Though bedsheets are easily available in almost all colors and designs. So, it is truly amazing to see that the hotels make such a crucial decision relating to guests’ comfort and good sleeping preferring one color only.

Bed sheets are bedding items and their quality and features determine the guest’s satisfaction level and give impressions about the hotels. And, it should not be taken as a coincidence that almost all hotels prefer white bed sheets for their customers and there may be solid reasons behind this. This blog will attempt to find out the reason behind the obsession of white in bedsheets.

Here are the main reasons why hotel bedsheets are mostly white

Colors bed sheets fade over time

It is a general observation that bedsheets in colors are prone to fading and white is good for our senses. They lose their colors and strength with time. This may pose a serious budget and reputation issues for hotels. While white bedsheets present no such problem. The white sheets always tend to look new and fresh serving huge interests of the hotels. If there is colors loss, the white sheets can be easily bleached. So, white gives clear options along with adding to hotel reputation and saving money.

Hotels also take advantage of guests` carefulness not to stain or be more careful about leaving any stain on the white bedsheets. By this, the hotels are benefited in many ways. While, in the case of staining, it becomes easier for the cleaning staff to spot the stains and deliver quick and effective results due to the high visibility of stains. So, it may not be wrong to conclude that white bedsheets contribute to better sleep. The hotel fitted bed sheets serve the interests of the guests and hotels while doing good to both in the same way.   

For decoration and versatility

White bed sheets are naturally suitable for bedrooms of any colors. They seem to be a perfect fit for any bedroom décor helpful adding overall beauty. It may be annoying and highly time-consuming to find the bedding products in matching with the overall bedroom setting. Introducing white bedsheets becomes the perfect solution for being a perfect fit for any or all bedroom’s colors settings. White bed sheets are timeless and a classic style that never fails. They are versatile and can agree to any colors environment that make visibly feel their peaceful presence. So, it is always the best option to get white bedsheets regardless of the rest of the surrounding coloring scheme.     

General features of white bedsheets

White bed sheets are pleasant in appearance with the ability to induce relaxing feelings. It is always a good feeling to wake up and see the white colors surrounding you. And by white colors, the guests can easily judge the level of cleanliness, so the white bed sheets are also more agreeable to the guests as well. Besides, they give a strong expression of luxury and comfort.

This is easy for both hotels and guests to see and assess the quality of cleanliness and to ensure that there is no dirt or germs on them. Guests can use white sheets with satisfaction. The research by Westin suggests that hotel guests found the white bed to be comfier as well as luxurious even leading some to believe that room renovation has just been done.

So, at the same time, white bedsheets become a judging tool for guests and cleanliness standards for the hotels.  


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