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Why hotel towels must be bought in bulk?

Why hotel towels must be bought in bulk?

Hotel Collection Towels are one of the most important accessories in the hospitality business. They are widely used items that are put into daily use. In the arena of the hospitality industry, their importance is doubled.   So, it becomes always critical to have a large stock of towels to face varying situations where they are needed.

A recent study of business and vacation travellers revealed 94 percent of guests list towel quality as important to their overall satisfaction. Towel softness and cleanliness were the top features on which they focused, and most even considered the quality of towels a primary factor in deciding whether to return to the establishment.

Here are the reasons why you should buy towels in bulk 

To cater to urgent needs

It cannot be known for surety when a huge number of towels are needed in your hotel. Towels are delicate in nature and easily can be discarded on spill or any such accident. They have hygienic significance, so any compromise is a risk when towels are stained, or overly used. Hence, it becomes seriously important to have towels in bulk quantities to counter unforeseen situations regarding their needs.             

To Take advantage of special sales and promotions

at times, there are special offers and promotions running in the market over towels. Such opportunities must be taken advantage of and efforts should be exerted on achieving quality towels products. The special sales and promotions offer quality products at very reasonable rates. Even though you have enough of the towels in stock, even it is advisable to refresh the stock with new and quality towels for present or future usage. So, start looking where there are towels on sale.

To save money

Towels are excessively used in hotels which leads to their quick replacements. Buying towels in bulk may be sufficiently helpful in saving a lot of money. In addition, you can personalize towels with your logo or design to suit your business.

To serve guests with a wide variety

Hotels may prefer white salon towels wholesale for their business as white towels are standard in the hospitality industry. However, towels may come into wide variety in colour sizes and types and it would be ill-advisable to keep a single type or size of towels. Different hotel clients may have different preferences for towels and also their needs will be different. Therefore, having towels in bulk will help you take care of all your clients in a fuller way even fulfilling their individual needs.

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