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Duvet & Duvet Covers

Duvet & Duvet Covers for Hotels and Motels

Our Duvet Cover collection, available in sizes such as Twin (66″x90″), King (104″x90″), and Queen (90″x90″), features a high-quality, durable zipper that ensures a hassle-free full closure encasement. This design prevents slips and provides convenience, ease of use, and a better fit for your duvets and comforters.

Easy-to-Care Duvet Covers

Our Microfiber Duvet Cover Set Zipper collection, including sizes like Double (80″x90″), King (104″x90″), Queen (90″x90″), and Twin (66″x90″), is designed for hotels, motels, nursing homes, b&b, shelters and senior accommodations use. The lightweight, moisture-absorbing eco-friendly cotton fabric provides comfortable airflow, keeping guests cool throughout the year. These duvet covers are fade-resistant, ensuring they remain vibrant and attractive after multiple washes. Easy care is a priority, as these covers are machine washable. Simply wash colors separately using cold water with a lighter detergent and gentle wash cycle. Avoid bleach and fabric softeners to maintain the integrity of the fabric, and tumble dry on low settings. Choose Buyhotellinen's duvet covers for a reliable, high-quality bedding solution for your hospitality needs.

Upgrade Your Hotel's Bedding Collection

Enhance your hotel's bedding collection with our Duvet & Duvet Covers, available at bed linen stores in Toronto and across Canada. Whether you're looking for hotel linens clearance deals or shopping at linen stores in Toronto. Explore our range of Duvet & Duvet Covers available online in Canada. Our bedding collection demanding products like duvet covers, mattress covers, hotel blankets & much more, we provide high-quality options to improve your guest’s & visitors experience & upgrade your hotel linen from buy hotel linen.

Choose Buy hotel linen for all your bed linens & hotel linens needs in Ottawa, Toronto, and beyond & all other Canada states, and ensure your guests the best bedding experience with our top-rated products.

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